Friday, 22 April 2016

Your Best Fiend

There is a proverb that “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Friend is an important person in every one’s life. My name is S. I have a best friend in my life. His name is X. He lives in Canada now. He is my childhood friend. We would read with me in the same class and in the same school. We brought up in the same village. He never quarreled with me. He always helped me if I faced any sort of problem. If he faced any kind of problem he also came to me for my valuable suggestion. We would go to school together.  Whatever he brought for Tiffin he would share with me. We played together in the afternoon. He never told a lie with me. Whatever he did he would discuss with me. My parents would love him too much. His parents also loved me too much. If anyone would see us together they thought that we were brothers. Sometimes he phones me from Canada still now if he gets time. Whenever he comes to his house at first he must come to my house to meet me. Really I am greatly proud of having such a friend in my life. May Allah bless him.

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