Friday, 22 April 2016

A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a familiar figure in towns.  He is the vendor of a variety of things. He moves from street to street.  He carries his things sometimes on his head, sometimes in his hands sometimes on a small hand cart. He sells  toys , bangles, ribbons, cloths, sweets , fruits, utensils, newspapers, fancy goods and things of domestic use by bringing them  to people’s doors. He is a clever fellow who knows his business. He means one kind of goods for children another kind for womenfolk and yet another kind for women that will attract women. So he has to be careful about the things to sell.  As he passes along the street he makes a peculiar cry to attract the attention of his customers. The children here and there gather around him and stop him. The hawker generally chooses an hour when the master of the family is away and the women are free from their household duties. He hopes thereby to make a good bargain. In towns everywhere  we see  hawkers and many of them are  making good  business

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