Sunday, 10 April 2016

My Hobby

Hobby is an interesting occupation. It is one’s main business. A man takes it to keep himself occupied during his leisure. I am a student and my main business is to study.  I am mindful to my studies. Everybody has a hobby. So, I have also a hobby. My hobby is gardening.  I have a small lawn in front of our house and I have laid out my flower garden there. I am very careful of my garden. I water my garden regularly.  It has a variety of seasonal flowers, grown some for their colors and some for their sweet smell. It has been said that a beautiful flower is the loveliest creation of God.  I tend the flower plants and nurse the flowers.  When the tender flower plants blossom forth, I become overwhelmed.  My hobby is helpful in various ways. I give flowers from my garden to my friends and well-wishers on their birthday occasions.  It refreshes my mind and makes me forgetful of my worries and anxieties. I am very proud of having such a beautiful garden.

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