Saturday, 30 April 2016

A dialogue between a shop keeper and a customer.

Shopkeeper: Good morning, Sir, what do you want?
Customer: A pair of shoes and a pair  of socks.
Shopkeeper: Here are they all.
Customer: Thank you, let me see. This pair of shoes will not suit me. it is too tight.
Shopkeeper: Well I shall change it.
Customer: This fits me well. Now let me see the socks.
Shopkeeper: Here it is.
Customer: No, this will not do., I don’t like the color.
Shopkeeper: What color do you prefer, Sir?
Customer: Black.
Shopkeeper: We have not got that in our stock. But I show you far super quality of different color.
Customer: No, thank you. I don’t want it. What is the bill amount?
Shopkeeper: Taka one thousand and seven hundred only.
Customer: Here is the sum
Shopkeeper: Thanks.
Customer: Good bye.
Shopkeeper: Good bye.

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