Friday, 4 November 2016

Slum dwellers

The word ‘slum’ means the residential area where the poor and needy people live in or outside of the city. It is generally located beside the city area. The people who live in this area are called the slum dwellers. Who are these people? They have not come from the sky. They are our kith and kin. Most of them are labors, workers, rickshaw pullers and the general people who cannot live in the aristocratic society. The life style of these people is not of the standard. They live by hand to mouth. They pass a simple and an honest life but not like the people of the high society. Some people who have lost their homes and have come from the villages to the city to earn money live here in the slum. They pass a very miserable life and their conditions are also very miserable. These people live in a very dirty atmosphere. They can’t eat proper and nutritious food and so most of them are of ill-health. They are seen in our land as elsewhere in the world. But in spite of their bad conditions many famous, noble and respected people have come up from this society. We should not ignore them because of their low livelihood. We should remember that because of their help and co-operation our lives are filled with joy and happiness and we can live happily. We should also help these people to lead their moderate and smooth life.

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