Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dignity to an Employee

An employee is a person who works in the government office, bank, medical, educational institute or in any kind of private company. After completing the highest education a person has to do some jobs in order to lead his life and his family members. In this case the authority should not think that he is his slave or servant. They also should remember that without the employers he is like the useless and barren bad-land. He should also remember, Nobody is servant of anybody.” A man can be an associate of the others not the servant. The employees need money to live and lead their lives, just like these employees the authority also needs them to build up his company and upgrade his fame and future. But the authority forgets it and considers them as servant or slave. They never think that if these employees don’t work anymore his life also like them one day even can be beneath them. At that time there will be no difference between him and these persons. An employee should be honored and inspired for his work by the authority according to his demand so that the fruit of the development can be enjoyed equally otherwise he will also be disrespected by the employees latently. The authority should understand the feelings, sorrows and distresses of the employees and should have the news of them so that he is proved to be the human being. He should share the feelings, happiness, sorrow and sadness with his employees to make the working environment workable and enjoyable. If the employer ignores and rebukes for the mistakes of the employees and considers them as his slaves then he must be in living in the heaven made of sand that does not last long. He should also remember these employees are also human being like him. He should also think that if an employee is well behaved and inspired by the authority the aspiration and attention to the work increases, then the company will be benefitted as well. But if it is opposite, the attention and inspiration to work decreases and the institute will automatically fall down. The authority should remember that development is possible only with the co-operation, better-understanding, well-behavior, inspiration to the work and making the working environment enjoyable and the perfect respect to the employees but of course not by ridiculing and disrespecting them because all the development ultimately depends on these employees. So the employers should consider about the employees’ rights and give them inspiration, proper respect and evaluate the dignity of their work.

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