Friday, 4 November 2016

A Farmer

A farmer is a person who owns a farm and grows crops for his family and for the people of the country. As our country is an agricultural country the importance of a farmer is known to all. He may be of the middle class or rich class. But whatever he may be he is to lead a busy life. He spends his whole time in his works either at home or in the fields. Sometimes he needs labors to get help for his work.  The whole of the country look at his work whether he is growing good crops or not so that they can get the food in time he grows. Because, if he does not grow good crops the people are to live in food-crisis and are to buy food with the high price. The whole of the development depends on the proper the production of the crops. If the production of the of crops is bad, the country has to buy food from the foreign country with high rate. So the government should take proper step to help the farmers in all to grow good crops to remove the food crisis from the country in the time of crops season. Moreover, the government should give the right price of the crops to the farmers so that they become inspired also to grow more and more good crops.

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