Monday, 21 November 2016


Responsibility means the state of being responsible to something that you are engaged with. It rouses the good sense in human being. We all have some responsibilities in our lives to complete it in the proper state. To take responsibility is easier than to perform. If we don’t complete the responsibility properly then it is supposed that we are not really responsible persons. Everybody has some duties that he is to do properly otherwise he is thought to be irresponsible. Man is a social being. He has to perform his duties in right track and in the right time to complete his responsibilities to his neighbors and relatives. No irresponsible nation, leader or the government can exist for a long time. If the government or a leader is not responsible to the country, the people and his followers and does not fulfill his responsibilities properly that he promises to them, the people become angry with him and blame him to be irresponsible.  As a human being we have also some duties and responsibilities to the family, society and the country where we live in. We have to perform these duties properly in time. A responsible person succeeds everywhere in his life and is always adored, honored and respected by all. Everybody trusts him for his responsible deeds. In the case of personal, family and service life everyone depends on him. Everyone believes him in every sphere of life for his sense of responsibility. We all should be responsible to our duties staying in our own positions wherever we are staying so that we can build up a happy and beautiful environment to live happily and lovingly.

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