Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Favourite Subject

I am a student. There are many subjects in my class like Bengali, English, Mathematics, Computer science, Science and Geography etc.  Different students like different types of subjects. English is my favourite subject. I like this subject very much because English is the only language which is spoken all over the world. It is an International Language. In this modern civilization without this language nothing can be imagined. If anyone wants to get a good job or wants to do better in life he has to have the sound knowledge on this subject. Even if anyone wants to read any good professional subjects like Medical science, Engineering, Law or anything else more he also has to have the sound knowledge of the language. I would like to do better for the people of my country. I want to be a business man and want to have good relation with the foreign countries. So, for this reason, I have to communicate with the foreigners and have to have the high command on this language. In this case I like to complete my graduation to occupy strong knowledge in this subject. And then afterwards I will try my level best to fulfill my desires in life.

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