Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Television is a piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch different types of programmes with moving pictures and sounds from a distant place. It is one of the best inventions of science. The English scientist John Baird invented this electronic equipment in 1926. Through this equipment we can observe the live and recorded videos and have a lot of information. We can watch movie, play, different sorts of serials and cultural functions. We can get news-updates from the news telecasts through this media. But sometimes we get wrong information from this site also. We can get educational knowledge and know about many unknown events through this equipment. We can get the news of the political condition, the current affairs of the country and the present condition of the world by this media. It telecasts many live events like the games of football, cricket, Olympic Games and many more. This media sometimes affects our society by telecasting some bad videos that spoil the young generations. In spite of some bad sides, it provides many valuable things that we need to know. So, we should take the right sides avoiding the bad one of this site and utilize it for the betterment of our life.

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