Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Postman

The man who delivers the letters and parcels to us is known as a postman. He wears a khaki dress. He is a very popular person in the rural area. Everyone knows him very well because he is familiar with all the people. He performs his duties very well and punctually. But he is a very ill-paid government service holder. He is an honest man. He leads a very honest, simple and punctual life. He delivers us sometimes good news and sometimes a bad news. If he does not deliver the newsletters to us in time we cannot know the news in proper time. In the city he does not mix with the mass people. He must be a faithful and honest man otherwise we will fall in trouble. He should be respected and honored for his noble deeds. The government should also take proper steps to upgrade the salary structure to upgrade his life style considering his hard work, honesty and punctuality.

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