Friday, 11 November 2016

The seasons of Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. These come one after another. The names of the seasons are summer, Rainy-season, autumn, Late-autumn, winter and spring. Two months make one season.  Each season has its own feature. These seasons play an important role in the nature and the life of the people. Bangladesh is a tropical country. Summer ( Grishma-kal) is the season of hot. It is consisted of the months of Baishakh and Jaistha. It is the season of mango and jackfruit. People feel too much hot in this season. The rainy (Barsha-kal) season is the second one. It consists of the months of Asar and Sravan. It rains heavily in this season even for the heavy rain-fall it floods the country. Autumn (Sraban-kal) consists of the months of Bhadra and Aswin. The sky remains clear and smooth in this season and the nature looks bright. Then Late-autumn (Hemanta-kal) comes. It consists of the months of Kartik and Agrahyan. Winter (Shith-kal) is the season of cold. It consists of the month of Pous and Magh. People feel too much cold in this season. They also drink the juice of date in this season. Different types of cakes are made in this season. The last season is the spring (Basanta-kal). It consists of the months of Falgun and Chaitra. In this season it blows mild breeze. All the flowers bloom in this season and the natural scenery becomes beautiful. We all enjoy the six seasons of Bangladesh.

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