Saturday, 22 October 2016


Once A Bangladeshi, An Indian and An American went for a tour in the sea but they reached out of the human boundary. They arrived in the area of the genie, the giant. The genie asked them of their addresses. They one by one addressed themselves to him.
The giant told them as they had entered into his arena he would kill them. They started to howl and cry loudly. The giant gave them a chance to save themselves. He told them if they fell anything in the sea that he would not be able to find out. If he does not find he will relieve them but if he finds it he will kill them. The three men agreed with his proposal.
The American threw a bullet into the water.
The genie found it out and killed him.
The Indian thought what to throw. He threw a needle into the water.
The genie dove into the sea and came out with it.
Then he killed him too.
Now this is the turn of the Bangladeshi man. He thought about it what to do.
The genie told him to do what he likes to.
The man had nothing but a packet of saline. He tore it and poured it into the water. He told the genie to find it out. The genie dove in the water but he did not find it out any way. As the saline had melted in the water the genie did not find it out. So the genie came back. He asked him where he is from. The man answered he is from Bangladesh. The genie became satisfied with his tactics and gave him lots jewels and sent him back to his house safely.

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