Saturday, 8 October 2016

Appropriate Preposition-2

Appropriate Preposition
1. The man deals in rice.
2. Our family consists of five members.
3. The boy died of cholera.
4. Mr. John lives by honest means.
5.  I agreed to her proposal.
6. The teacher burst into tears.
7. They are always jealous of my success.
8. Beware of the dog.
9. He was charged with theft.
10. The man is hard of hearing.
11. I am not interested in poetry.
12. He is good at mathematics.
13. Time was not on our side.
14. She entered into my room.
15. Children are fond of drawing.
16. The man travelled by train.
17. I am not afraid of death.
18. The man arrived at the village yesterday.
19. None of us could help him.
20. Shut the door to your left.

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