Saturday, 8 October 2016

Appropriate Preposition-1

Appropriate Preposition
1. He showed ability in work.
2. We played in accordance with the rules of the game.
3. He took advantage of my absence.
4. I have no appetite for food.
5. They have no capacity for doing this work.
6. He took timely caution against danger.
7. A good man has control over the success of his friend.
8. He was astonished at the success of his friend.
9. He is angry at our conduct.
10. There is no deviation from truth.
11. I cannot conceal my disgust with meanness.
12. I am not familiar with that man.
13. His name is familiar to me.
14. Fortune smiled upon him.
15. I have deep passion for music.
16. He had no sympathy for me.
17. Do not boast of your wealth.
18. I don’t believe in his honesty.
19. She is dull of hearing.
20. This book belongs to me.

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