Sunday, 9 October 2016

Appropriate Preposition-3

Appropriate Preposition
1. We wrote a lot of letters.
2. He got up early in the morning.
3. Soon after the helicopter had taken off.
4. We will travel by the morning train.
5. I want to listen to the news on radio.
6. Will you come before we leave for Dhaka?
7. Look at this map.
8. You can see Mohenjodaro on it.
9. I am interested in history.
10. Please listen to me while I am talking.
11. He is good at Mathematics.
12. Let us be quiet for the next two minutes.
13. When they arrived in China they stayed in the city of Beijing.
14. He died of hunger.
15. Jim looked at on the sly.
16. People read for a variety of reasons.
17. She is vain of her dress.
18. The great task was vested in him.
19. The angels are vested with power.
20. I am tired of walking.

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