Friday, 21 October 2016

Necessity of Refreshment

Refreshment is a crying need to remove the tiredness and fatigue. It gives us mental and spiritual peace in mind that is undoubtedly very important for us. After a long term work we become so much tired that refreshment calls us to hug it. A slight rest gives us millions of tranquility in our mind. When a man works hard he becomes tired and loses a lot of strength and energy at that time he feels very weak that sometimes creates a great disease. He is to spend a lot of money to be overcome this disease then. But if he takes refreshment he stays fit enough and is free from the unexpected great diseases that wait for him in the near future.  So to be safe and sound everybody should be careful of his health and take rest timely. Because of timely refreshment and rest can save him from the unexpected and many fatal diseases. To conclude we should love ourselves and have at least the caring of our body and mind that can make us healthy and wise as well.

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