Monday, 3 October 2016


Noun is a naming word. It refers to the name of any person, place or thing.
Noun is of two types:   1) Concrete Noun    2) Abstract Noun
Concrete noun is again of four types:
1) Proper Noun
2) Common Noun
3) Collective Noun
4) Material Noun

Concrete Noun: A Concrete noun is the name of an object of sense. In other words, it denotes a thing that can be seen, touched, felt or tasted.
Example: The man is coming here.
                The cow gives us milk.
                 Honey tastes sweet.
                 Wind is blowing.

Proper Noun: Proper is the name of a particular person, place or a country.
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. (Here Dhaka is the name of a place and Bangladesh is the name of a country.)
John is the best boy in the class.
I read the Quran every day.

Common Noun: A common noun is the name of person animal or thing. It does not include the particular person or thing.
The boy reads in class five.
This girl is my sister.
The goat is eating grass in the field.
The bird is flying in the sky.

Collective Noun: Collective is the name of a group of person, thing or animal and it refers to be as one complete whole.
A gang of dacoits attacked us on the road.
A flock of sheep are grazing in the field.
A crowd of people chased the police officer.

Material Noun: Material noun is the name of a matter or substance from which things are made of. Things which can be measured is material noun.
Gold is a precious metal.
We eat rice.
Water is liquid.

Abstract Noun: Abstract noun is the name of a quality, state or action of a person or thing.
Honesty is the best policy.
Pardon is a noble virtue.
Prophet Mohammad (SM) was the most famous for his truthfulness.
Truth is beauty.

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