Monday, 16 January 2017

Completing of the sentences

Complete the sentences using without + gerund
--------Oxygen we cannot live.
Ans: Without inhaling
-----------protein we cannot be healthy.
Ans: Without eating
----------swiftly you cannot win the race.
Ans: Without running
-----------you cannot cure soon.
Ans: Without taking medicine
--------------we cannot go there quickly.
Ans: without taking motor vehicles.
--------------we cannot be healthy.
Ans: without taking good food.
-------------nobody can be successful.
 Ans: without working hard.
----------you cannot speak in English properly.
Ans: without learning English well.
-----------you cannot get vitamine.
Ans: without drinking milk
-----------you cannot speak properly.
Ans: Without practicing regularly.
---------you cannot understand the people.
Ans: Without keeping an open mind

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