Monday, 16 January 2017

Completing of the sentences

Complete the sentences using If+ present + future
 If you are ill---------------
Ans: you will take medicine.
  If the population grows very quickly---------------
Ans: we will face food problem.
If the storm blows----------------
Ans: it will uproot the trees.
If he works all day--------------
Ans: he will get tired.
 If you read newspapers--------------
Ans: you will learn many things.
  If you clean your teeth-----------
Ans: you will have good teeth.
 If you come early-----------------
Ans: you will not miss the train.
If you finish the work in time--------------
Ans: you will get enough rest.
 If she is lazy--------------
Ans: she will not prosper in life.
 If you play in the rain ------------------
Ans: you will catch cold.
 If you don’t read --------------------
Ans: you will not pass.
 If you shout ---------------
Ans: the child will wake up.
If your father comes--------------
Ans : we will let you go.
 If you sing the song -------------
Ans : I will you one hundred taka.

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