Sunday, 18 December 2016

Victory day of Bangladesh

16th December is the victory day of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was once the partial country of The West Pakistan. At that time this part was called the East Pakistan. They tortured the Bengali people severely and did not give them the right even to speak in their own language.  People of all walks joined in the war of liberation in 1971, on the 26th March. The Pakistani military massacred the whole country and wanted to uproot the name of Bangladesh from the world map. But the Bengali people fought with them with heart and soul. After the continuous of the war for 9 months the leader AAK Niazi of the Pakistani army surrendered to the Allied force commander Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora at the Ramna Race Course in Dhaka on December 16, 1971. On that day Bangladesh became enemy free and an independent country in the world. To commemorate the victory the Bengali people celebrate this day. From that time 16th December is celebrated as the victory day of Bangladesh.

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