Monday, 12 December 2016


Electricity is one of the most important inventions of science. In early ages people did not know how to lighten. Then after many years, they became able to learn the way how to fire with stones and lighten to remove darkness. Electricity was not invented but in 1752 the US scientist Benjamin Franklin conducted his experiment with a kite, a key and a storm and discovered the source of electricity which remains in the nature that is now the most important thing without which we cannot do many things. It helps us in many ways like it gives us light, air, power and energy. We cannot run computer without it. Many machines which produce many types of goods those need electricity and can do many works within a short time. Mobile phone is also one of the most important inventions which helps us to connect easily from distant places with others that also needs to be charged from electricity. We can watch TV and VCD by the help of electricity.  Electricity helps to supply water from one place to another. There are many engines which must need the help of it to run and perform lots of works in the short periods of time. It has made our life easy and smooth. By dint of the blessing of electricity we can get instant news and the ongoing conditions of the world happened in far off places through the internet and satellite television. The use of electricity is of course indescribable. So, we should make the proper use of this valuable invention and should not waste it in vain.

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