Friday, 23 September 2016

Voice Changing Part-5

Some more changing voices
Who is doing the work?
Ans: By whom is the work  being done?
Do away with it.
Ans: Let it be done away.
She hurt her brother.
Ans: Her brother was hurt by her.
Do you know them?
Ans: Are they known to you?
I saw the boy crying.
Ans: The boy was seen crying.
Mother showed me a picture.
Ans:I was shown a picture by mother.
I have to do it.
Ans: It has to be done by me.
He has cut his finger.
Ans: His finger was cut by him.
He is beating a thief.
Ans: A thief is being beaten by him.
Open the door.
Ans: Let the door be opened.
He pleases us.
Ans: We are pleased by him.
What does he want?
Ans: What is wanted by him?
Give the order.
Ans: Let the order be given.
The mango tastes sweet.
Ans: The mango is sweet when it is tasted.
Does he speak in English?
Ans: Is English spoken by him?

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