Thursday, 29 September 2016

Voice changing part-6

Active voice: I will do my duty.
Passive voice: My duty will be done by me.
Active voice: Fortune favors the brave.
Passive voice: The brave are favored by fortune.
Active voice: Did they kill the tiger?
Passive voice: Was the tiger killed by them?
Active voice: The Lilliputians made Gulliver prisoner.
Passive voice: Gulliver was made prisoner by the Lilliputians.
Active voice: Bring me the book.
Passive voice: Let the book be brought for me.
Active voice: You should keep your promise.
Passive voice: Your promise should be kept.
Active voice: She is weaving a sari.
Passive voice: A sari is being woven by her.
Active voice: We must endure what we cannot cure.
Passive voice: What cannot be cured must be endured.
Active voice: Tell him to go.
Passive voice: Let him be told to go.
Active voice: Who stole the pen?
Passive voice: By whom was the pen stolen?
Active voice: I shall help you.
Passive voice: You will be helped by me.
Active voice: Do this sum.
Passive voice: Let this sum be done.
Active voice:  The girl is singing a song.
Passive voice: A song is being sung by the girl.
Active voice: He gave me the book.
Passive voice: The book was given me by him.
Active voice: He will help me.
Passive voice: I shall be helped by him.

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