Parts Of Speech

Parts Of Speech: Words used in a sentence are classified into eight parts commonly known as parts of speech.

Parts of speech are of eight kinds.

                     2. Pronoun

Noun: Noun is the name of any particular person, animal, place or thing.

 John goes to home.  John> is the name of a boy.
home> is a place.

Dhaka  is  the city of Bangladesh.  

Dhaka> is the name of a place.
Bangladesh> is the name of a country.

The pen writes well.   pen> is a thing.

See in details in Noun

Pronoun:  A Pronoun is word used for a noun. A Pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.
David is a brilliant student.
He is a good boy.

Tina is my sister.
She goes to school
I write with pen
It writes very well.
Here he, she, I and it are all pronouns

Adjective: An Adjective is word that is used to describe to qualify or describe of a noun or pronoun.

Example: many, much, good, bad etc

The man is very poor.
The lady is very beautiful.
He is a nice man.

Verb: A Verb is a word that indicates the action done by a person or thing.
 or  A Verb is a doing word,

I go to him.
He does his duty properly.
She always laughs at me.

 Here  go, does and laughs are verbs.

Adverb: An Adverb is a word that modifies an Adjective, Verb or another Adverb.

The horses run fast.
He can write very swiftly.
Write quickly.
They are going very slowly.

Here fast, swiftly, quickly, slowly are all Adverbs.

Preposition: A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun indicating its relation with some other words in the sentence.

Example:  at, to, in, on, into, by, over, about.

The book is on the table.
They are going to school.
He is playing in the field.
Conjunction: A Conjunction is a word which joins two or more words and sentences together.

Example: and, but, or, than etc.

Troy or Terry will go there.
I am better than him.
Jessie and her sister read in this school.

Interjection: An Interjection is a word that expresses strong feeling of the mind.

Example; Oh, Hurrah, Alas.

Alas I am undone.
Hurrah! We have won the game.
Oh, what an unlucky man I am!

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