Monday, 14 August 2017

Completing of the sentences

Complete the sentences below
1. A storm is______________.
Ans: a natural disaster
2. Though it is uncertain,_________.
Ans: it generally happens in summer
3. It creates a scene which___________.
Ans: is very terrible and fearful
4. In a storm the wind __________wrecks great havoc upon our life and property.
Ans: blowing violently
5. Peals of thunder and ___________frighten the people.
Ans: flashes of lightning
6.  After the storm people come out___________. 
Ans: to see the effect of it
7. They get terrified to see the havoc_____________.
Ans: wrecked by the storm
8. It is known that storm is such a natural disaster____________.
Ans: that we cannot get rid of it
9. But we can minimize the loss_____________.
Ans: owing to it
10. We can save life and property to a great extent______________________________.
Ans: if we take precautionary measure against it

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