Monday, 31 July 2017

Completing sentences with clause/phrase

Completing sentences with clause/phrase
1. English _____________we should learn it.
Ans: being an international language
2. But ________________are indifferent to this language.
Ans: most of our students
3. As it is a foreign language______________.
Ans: most of the students find it difficult
4. _________it is an interesting language.
Ans: In fact
5. ______________they can certainly learn it.
Ans: If the students become sincere
6. ___________ they should practice it greatly.
Ans: At the same time
7. The students ________________cannot acquire command over this language.
Ans: who are idle and insincere
7. In the present context of globalization __________________is increasing day by day.
Ans: the importance of learning English
8. So it is essential for us to__________.
Ans: learn English
9. Our government is also trying _____________to make our students skilled in this language.
Ans: heart and soul

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