Monday, 15 May 2017

Jobs that people do

Nouns that name people
Write the noun for the name of the person who:
 writes books author
 flies an aeroplane   pilot.
 repairs cars mechanic
 cares for people's teeth dentist
looks after ill people doctor
 cares for sick people nurse
 writes stories for newspapers journalist
 looks after sheep shepherd
 learns a trade novice
 searches for new lands explorer
 installs and mends water pipes plumber
 sells fruit and vegetables green groacer
 studies the stars astronomer
mends shoes cobbler
sells meat butcher
collects rubbish dustman
brings letters postman
digs for coal collier/ miner
catches fish fisherman
sells toothpaste, medicines and soap chandler
takes bus-fare bus-conductor
builds houses builder
cleans and look after school caretaker
owns farms farmer
carries luggage porter
sells sugar, tea and cereals grocer
paints pictures artist
makes suits tailor
woodworkers  carpenter
drives a bus bus-driver

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