Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kindness of A Princess

Rose was a princess in a famous kingdom. She was a very beautiful, religious and kind girl. One day her father went to the jungle to hunt the animals. At that time she was also with him in that hunting. She was moving around the jungle where some deer were playing with their mother. Seeing the scenery she became overwhelmed. She thought about the beautiful moments of her life once she passed at her childhood. She imagined about her past life and smiled and got pleasure. She compared her life with these animals that she lived in the palace where she never felt any sort of sadness and sorrow in her life. Suddenly she saw her father was looking for the prey. He came to her and asked what she was doing over there. She hid the scenery of the innocent deer and did not tell anything about them. As her mind was also as innocent as these animals, she wanted to save their lives. She was always kind to any kind of creature. She knew if she loved any one even the smallest creatures she would get the love of the almighty Allah in return. She obeyed the rules and regulations of the creator. She also knows that if anyone is hurt by her behavior or word she also must get the return of it one day. Her father was going to kill another animal just at that time she visualized that she was being killed by someone else and her parents were crying like the mad who had no sense of anything. She cried aloud and then she became senseless instantly.  Her father returned by hearing the sound of her shout. He saw her falling senseless on the meadow and tried to get her sense back. After a few moments she awoke and told him everything that she visualized. She told her father not to kill any kind of animal here. He became sympathetic and returned home. After that he never went to the hunting.

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