Thursday, 2 February 2017

President (Jokes)

Preccidemental (Jokes)
One day Donald Trump went to the zoo. He noticed that someone was calling him. He looked here and there. He saw none over there.  Again after a few minutes he saw that a baboon was calling him. The baboon told him, "How are you buddy?" I miss you for a long time. You went away leaving us but did not come back. You have forgotten me being preccidemental. 
There was a monkey near to them. He told, Hi Trump, I heard, you have become pepsodent. Trump became very angry and told him that president not pepsodent. The monkey told, how is possible for you to be president in the world of human being as you are of our caste?
The baboon told, hey monkey, be careful, talk carefully, don't talk like that. My brother is the preccidemental of Ammarikka. If you talk like that way he will killa you. The monkey told, don't try to frighten me. My brother George Bush is also pepsodent of Ammarikka. If I call him he will blast all of you and remove the germs like you.
Then Trump became scared and told him, "Is George Bush your brother?" Oh, tell me first, he is my sinner buddy. The baboon told, oh, then we are all of the same caste.  So we should not quarrel among us rather we should attack all the human beings to clear our way ha ha ha ha….

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