Use of to have

***To have means someone owns something.
***Have is used with 1st  person, 2nd person singular and all types of plural numbers.
Structure: Sub + have + extension

 I have a pen.
You have a book.
They have cars.
We have a cow.

***Has is used with 3rd person singular number.

Structure: Sub + has + extension.
 He has a bicycle.
My father has a car.
She has two sons.
His mother has a lot of money in the bank.
Her husband has nice car.

Negative form- Sub+ have/has+ no + extension.
I have no pen.
He has no money.

*** To make interrogative sentence we have to use do/does.

Structure: Do/does + sub + have + extension?

Do you have money?
Does he have any book?

***When someone is obliged to do something then have/has to is used.

Structure: Sub + have/has to +v.+ obj + extension.

I have to do it.
We have to go home.
He has to go to school.

*** For negative sentence
Sub+ do/does + not + have to +v + ob+ extension.

You do not / don’t have to help me.
He / She does not /doesn’t have to come here now.

***Interrogative sentence
Do /does + sub + have to + v + ob + extension?

DO I have to do it?
Does he have to come with me?
Do we have to write it now?
Use of Had

***In the past if any owned anything had is used.

I had a cow.
We had a bicycle.
I had a lot of money.

Negative Sentence:


He did not have money to buy the car.
I had no pen in my pocket.
We had a black cow.
The man had a beautiful daughter.
I had a lot of money.
I had no friend.
He had no hope to live on earth.

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