Write an application to the Principal for a free studentship.

The Principal
Sydney international school and college,

Sub: Prayer for free a studentship.

 I beg most respectfully to state that I am a student of class X of your school. My father is an ordinary clerk in a firm and he has to maintain our family of six members. It is very difficult for him. Moreover, he has been ill since last year. Now it has become harder for him to continue my educational expenses. I shall be obliged to stop my study if you don’t allow me to study here free of cost. In the last annual examination I obtained very good result and gained the first position in the class.

So, I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant me a free studentship to continue my studies and oblige thereby.

I remain
Your most obedient student

Md. Rezaul karim
Class- X

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