Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Unparalleled Love

Mr. Sam was a young, handsome and smart English teacher of a school. He was a bachelor also. He was an M.A. in English with honors in English. He had a Favorite student whom he liked too much. He was also the most favorite and the best teacher to that girl and she also liked him too much. Her name was Rose. She was small in age but physically matured, very beautiful and attractive.

Within a few months of their familiarity both of them fell in love with each other. They didn’t feel good without seeing each other.  Their love was unparalleled and pure and they had no conflicts between them. 

Rose loved her teacher as deeply as her teacher loved her. Nobody knew about their love affairs and so they continued their relation very keenly.  Within a few years they get married secretly without informing anyone.  

When their parents came to know they accepted them cordially and blessed for their married lives without showing any agony and betrayal. They started their conjugal life happily. This couple was happier than any other couple. The education of Sam’s wife continued for his care and she also completed her M.A. degree. They had a few children and they made them perfectly educated with the help of their secured knowledge. 

They became old but their loves for each other remained fresh and cool as the first day of their love. They always prayed to the almighty Allah for each other from the very beginning of their love.  They are the symbol of true love.

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