Saturday, 22 October 2016


Once A Bangladeshi, An Indian and An American went for a tour in the sea but they reached out of the human boundary. They arrived in the area of the genie, the giant. The genie asked them of their addresses. They one by one addressed themselves to him.
The giant told them as they had entered into his arena he would kill them. They started to howl and cry loudly. The giant gave them a chance to save themselves. He told them if they fell anything in the sea that he would not be able to find out. If he does not find he will relieve them but if he finds it he will kill them. The three men agreed with his proposal.
The American threw a bullet into the water.
The genie found it out and killed him.
The Indian thought what to throw. He threw a needle into the water.
The genie dove into the sea and came out with it.
Then he killed him too.
Now this is the turn of the Bangladeshi man. He thought about it what to do.
The genie told him to do what he likes to.
The man had nothing but a packet of saline. He tore it and poured it into the water. He told the genie to find it out. The genie dove in the water but he did not find it out any way. As the saline had melted in the water the genie did not find it out. So the genie came back. He asked him where he is from. The man answered he is from Bangladesh. The genie became satisfied with his tactics and gave him lots jewels and sent him back to his house safely.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Necessity of Refreshment

Refreshment is a crying need to remove the tiredness and fatigue. It gives us mental and spiritual peace in mind that is undoubtedly very important for us. After a long term work we become so much tired that refreshment calls us to hug it. A slight rest gives us millions of tranquility in our mind. When a man works hard he becomes tired and loses a lot of strength and energy at that time he feels very weak that sometimes creates a great disease. He is to spend a lot of money to be overcome this disease then. But if he takes refreshment he stays fit enough and is free from the unexpected great diseases that wait for him in the near future.  So to be safe and sound everybody should be careful of his health and take rest timely. Because of timely refreshment and rest can save him from the unexpected and many fatal diseases. To conclude we should love ourselves and have at least the caring of our body and mind that can make us healthy and wise as well.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Appropriate Preposition-3

Appropriate Preposition
1. We wrote a lot of letters.
2. He got up early in the morning.
3. Soon after the helicopter had taken off.
4. We will travel by the morning train.
5. I want to listen to the news on radio.
6. Will you come before we leave for Dhaka?
7. Look at this map.
8. You can see Mohenjodaro on it.
9. I am interested in history.
10. Please listen to me while I am talking.
11. He is good at Mathematics.
12. Let us be quiet for the next two minutes.
13. When they arrived in China they stayed in the city of Beijing.
14. He died of hunger.
15. Jim looked at on the sly.
16. People read for a variety of reasons.
17. She is vain of her dress.
18. The great task was vested in him.
19. The angels are vested with power.
20. I am tired of walking.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Appropriate Preposition-2

Appropriate Preposition
1. The man deals in rice.
2. Our family consists of five members.
3. The boy died of cholera.
4. Mr. John lives by honest means.
5.  I agreed to her proposal.
6. The teacher burst into tears.
7. They are always jealous of my success.
8. Beware of the dog.
9. He was charged with theft.
10. The man is hard of hearing.
11. I am not interested in poetry.
12. He is good at mathematics.
13. Time was not on our side.
14. She entered into my room.
15. Children are fond of drawing.
16. The man travelled by train.
17. I am not afraid of death.
18. The man arrived at the village yesterday.
19. None of us could help him.
20. Shut the door to your left.